A convex mirror is a curved mirror with an outwardly bulged reflective surface. Reflecting the light outward, unlike in a normal mirror, a convex mirror always produces a virtual and upright image, which is diminished in size than the actual object, covering a wide visual field at once.

Generally used for security and safety concerns, convex mirrors are mostly fixed in sharp bends and intersections on roads, driveways, hallways, buildings, and workshops to provide anyone approaching a clear view of the other side to reduce dangers and accidents. The curved surface of the mirror able to capture a wider visual area that the naked human eye cannot catch and provides a clear overview of blind spots. Another popular daily use of convex mirrors is the side mirrors of vehicles to get an upright and expanded view on the road.

Convex Mirrors Used in Shops

Security is a top concern for any shop owner. Convex mirrors are used in shops as a practical security measure to prevent shoplifting. A properly positioned convex mirror offers a wider area of vision, making it possible to keep a large area of products and customers under surveillance from a single mirror in a single spot. Therefore, convex mirrors are an effective and a low-cost security measure as it saves manpower to monitor the customers and is certainly budget effective than installing CCTV cameras.

Convex Mirrors for Traffic Safety

Convex mirrors are popularly used to increase traffic safety, stationing them in roadsides and driveways where additional viewing is necessary to reduce any potential accident. They are mostly placed at sharp bends, intersections, junctions, and driveway exists to give motorists a clear view of the blind spots to prevent collisions and other traffic accidents. Apart from driveways, convex mirrors are also used in parking lots, industrial and institutional sites where the visibility is narrow, to aid the drivers and pedestrians to navigate in places that are vulnerable to traffic accidents.

Benefits of using a convex mirror for security


  1. Convex mirrors are multi-purpose; cater both as a practical and effective safety and security measure.
  2. The wider field of vision that convex mirrors project is a benefit that no other security measure provides.
  3. Compared with other security measures, such as CCTV cameras, convex mirrors are cost-effective. They can be purchased, fixed, and maintained at a low-cost.
  4. Convex mirrors are available in several shapes that can be adjustably fitted to various positions and placements.
  5. Weather-resistant: convex mirrors are designed to withstand different weather conditions therefore even in bad weather conditions they produce a clear image
  6. Due to the weather resistance and the toughness of the mirror they are highly durable compared with other security measures.
  7. Convex mirrors are an environmentally friendly security measure as they do not require electricity to operate. And even if they are discarded no harmful electric waste is added to the environment.

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