A little bit of aesthetic cuddled up with convenience is always welcoming in the modern, busy daily routine. Although it is easy to overlook the style and the placement of a bathroom mirror over its function, you should think twice about whether it fits the style of your bathroom and your convenience before you purchase or remodel your bathroom mirror. So, here are some tips that you should consider when you pick your bathroom mirror if you want to enhance the style in your bathroom and have a cozy and relaxing ‘me-time’ while you shower and take care of your daily hygiene.

Where to place the mirror.

Your first step to pick the right bathroom mirror should start with careful consideration of the size and the style of your bathroom. If you are going with the traditional option of placing the mirror, you can place it above your bathroom vanity or the sink. Or going for some bold option, you can fill the wall with a huge mirror that neatly lines up with the objects below and goes up to the ceiling.

Sizing the mirror.

After deciding where to place your mirror you should decide on the size of it. If you are placing the mirror above the vanity or the sink, make sure to get the mirror size customized to align with the ends of the vanity or the sink. If you are going for a pre-made mirror make it at least about 70-80 percent as wide as the vanity might also give a sharp look to your bathroom, although making it too large or too small would not give a good look for your bathroom.

And regarding the height, the mirror should be about a foot above and another foot below the eye-level, so that the tallest and the shortest person could use the mirror to get a satisfying reflection. So make sure you make get the measurements right before purchase your mirror or get it customized.

Shapes and designs.

The most common mirror shapes that are available are rectangular and oval. An oval-shaped mirror would be ideal to be coupled with a pedestal washbasin, while you can couple either of these popular shapes ideally with a vanity depending on your choice. However, if your overall bathroom design is quite modern you enjoy going to unique and abstract mirror shapes to break the monotony.

Frameless or traditional.

Frameless mirrors wrap a unique and modern look, therefore they would add quite the look to a more modern looking bathroom with uncluttered features. Framed mirrors are perfect for a more traditional look. You can either go for a simple-designed frame that does not disturb the overall flow of the bathroom. Or you can go for a heavy-designed ornate frame as a statement piece, giving that it complements the bathroom vanity and the fixtures.


Lighting and mirrors go hand in hand. Therefore it is important to make sure that your washroom mirror is sufficiently lit to give you a clear and detailed look while you fix your makeup or check your look. Many of the modern mirrors come with a LED light attached to them. Fixing scones besides your vanity framing the mirror is another tip to make sure that the mirror gets the correct amount of lighting at the same to accentuating the overall design of the bathroom.

These are the basic know-how that you should be mindful of when you pick your bathroom mirror. Remember, to wrap your mirror choice well with the overall design of the bathroom to enhance your washroom aesthetic.

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