Mirrors are ‘four-cornered Gods’ that magically reflect you in every dimension. Whether you touch your makeup or try new fashions you exactly want a mirror. Therefore, mirrors are inevitable in your life.

Are you doubting about having a mirror in your bedroom or where a mirror should be placed? Well, mirrors are often used as ornaments in today’s interior designs. So, no serious thoughts about where to place a mirror, and also they are not limited only to your bathroom or bedroom.

But, today we’ll look into the role of mirrors in your bedroom and what are the benefits of having a mirror in your bedroom. Keep on reading, you will also get to know where to place a mirror in your bedroom.

Is it OK to Have a Mirror in the Bedroom?

The idea of having a gorgeous mirror in your bedroom often strikes your mind with confusion and many clashes. Some people tend to think that placing a mirror in the bedroom is not a good idea as they believe in superstitions and beliefs. Let’s dig into the facts.

Is it OK to have a mirror in the bedroom? Well, if you are a believer in feng shui, having a mirror in your bedroom is fine if it does not face your bed. According to Feng Shui, you should not keep a mirror near your bed, and if you cannot move it make sure to cover the mirror with a piece of cloth or a curtain. There’s no issue if you do not believe in superstitions so that you can have mirrors in any size, in any number, and anywhere in your bedroom since mirrors provide light, volume, and dimensions too.

Apart from all this superstition chaos, having a mirror in your bedroom makes your life easier with some important benefits.

Benefits of Having Mirrors in the Bedroom

Keeping your favorite mirror in your bedroom makes it look more spacious and gives a magical touch too. Let’s discuss what are the other benefits you can enjoy from having a mirror in your bedroom.

1 . Improve the room’s lighting

Mirrors are composed uniquely to reflect light while increasing the brightness of your bedroom. Most importantly, mirrors can bring more natural light into the room, and if you got a portly lit bedroom placing 2 mirrors will wipe away the gloominess.

2 . Broaden the space of your bedroom

If you are having a small bedroom that looks cozy, a mirror or two will be an ideal solution since they provide the illusion of space.

Mirrors in the bedroom help the space to look wider and bigger while Becoming elegant decor too.

3 . Welcome positive energy to the room

Mirrors are often given a vast priority in Feng Shui as they believe that mirrors bring good energy. So, having a mirror in your bedroom is super cool and relaxing as they represent water according to Feng Shui.

4 . Makes your bedroom elegant

The first impression of your bedroom should be angelic and mirrors help in the mission. They increase the appearance of your bedroom and the place will be pleasant for you to spend a relaxing time.

But, always make sure to get a reflection of a beautiful flower vase or any eye-friendly painting through the mirror.

5 . Provide additional security

Have you ever seen shops and supermarkets which are covered with large mirrors? That is not only for beauty but also for security purposes. So, having a mirror or two in your bedroom provides you additional security while allowing you to see around the room. 

Where should the mirror be placed in a bedroom?

Well, by now you are aware of the benefits of having a mirror in your bedroom. But, do you have any idea about where to place a mirror in your bedroom?

The place depends on your purpose. If you want to increase the brightness you can place the mirror in the areas where natural and artificial light flow.

If you try to make an illusion of space within your bedroom, it is better to place a hanging mirror on opposing walls. Or else you can try a full-length mirror across your bedroom doorway. Behind your door is also an ideal place.

Placing a mirror on your dresser will make your makeup work easier and it will improve the elegant look of your bedroom.

No worries if you are not a feng shui believer so you can place a mirror anywhere you prefer while improving the light and dimensions of your bedroom.

Mirrors are magical and do not limit only to the available sizes and shapes since you can customize the exact design in your mind. So, add a wonderful mirror to your bedroom and enjoy the pure elegance it reflects on you.