Mirrors with water speckles, dust, and streaks are a daily hassle that many of us face. Here are some household hacks to keep your looking glass spick and span with simple ingredients. Try them out and see your mirror smiling back at you when you visit it next time.

A, B, C to clean splattered and smudged mirrors in seconds

  1. Toothpaste, hairspray, and other oily ointment splatters are a common problem that lets your mirror looks dirty. Let’s being with treating these splatters by rubbing alcohol on the mirror with a cotton pad.
  2. Now that we got the splatters and dirt out, let’s treat the streaks and smudges out with a cup of vinegar and a cup of distilled water. Put the ingredients in a spray bottle. Give them a good shake and you’ll have the perfect, natural mirror cleaning liquid.
  3. And to complete your mirror cleaning you need a thin microfiber cloth. Spray the mirror cleaning liquid to the microfiber and wipe your mirror with it in a zigzag pattern back and forth, working from edge to edge. When you feel that your mirror is shiny enough, take a look at the mirror from different angles to make sure you got rid of all the dirt, splatters, and smudges out.

Your looking glass is now ready to give you a clear and shiny reflection of yourself…

To keep your mirror from fogging up.

Do steamy mirrors bother you? Wanna know a quick hack to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up?

  • Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water and add a tablespoon of dish soap to it. Spray the mixture directly to the mirror and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. This will keep your mirror from fogging up for a few days. Repeat the treatment after some time.
  • Shaving foam also can come to your rescue to keep your mirrors from fogging up. Spread a little shaving foam evenly across the mirror and wipe off the mirror with a microfiber cloth. Enjoy a fogless reflection and repeat when necessary.

Get sparkling mirror surfaces with these cleaning hacks in seconds that you will never have to worry about streaky and foggy mirrors ever again. Now give your pretty self a spin around the mirror and make sure your outside sparkle just as much as your inside.